• Careers at Dial-a-Cab - what it's really like

    Who better to tell you what life is really like at Dial-a-Cab than some of the people who work here?

    Some of our employees share their experiences in their own words.

    Emma, Team Leader Emma, Team Leader

    "Before I joined Dial-a-Cab I was a hair stylist and the reason I left was the money situation. I wasn't getting paid enough. I knew one of the Dial-a-Cab drivers and he suggested that I send in my CV..."
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    Jackie, Customer Service Representative Jackie, Customer Service Representative

    "Before I joined Dial-a-Cab I worked for six years in the call centre of a leading department store, but I decided to change my job because of the long hours and the lack of flexibility in my previous role..."
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    John, Despatcher John, Despatcher

    "I'd been a cab driver for 28 years and felt it was time for me to change my job. After all that time, I'd really had enough of the traffic. I was a Dial-a-Cab driver for the last 15 years and I think it's the best taxi circuit in London..."
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    Kevin, Customer Service Representative Kevin, Customer Service Representative

    "I used to work part time in retail and the customers often weren't the most pleasant of people. We'd get abusive, threatening people all the time and there is only so much you can take..."
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