• Our diversity policy

    Dial-a-Cab is committed to promoting equality and diversity, providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all. In the implementation of this policy we will:

    • Ensure that all drivers and staff are treated solely on the basis of their abilities and potential, regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religious or political belief or affiliation, trade union membership, age, gender, gender reassignment, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic background, or any other inappropriate distinction
    • Promote diversity and equality for drivers and staff and value the contributions made by individuals and groups of people from diverse cultural, ethnic, socio-economic and distinctive backgrounds
    • Promote and sustain an inclusive and supportive work environment which affirms the equal and fair treatment of individuals in carrying our their duties and does not afford unfair privilege to any individual or group
    • Wherever reasonable and practicable, promote flexible working hours
    • Treat part time drivers and staff fairly and equally
    • Challenge inequality and less favourable treatment wherever practicable
    • Promote an environment free of harassment and bullying on any grounds in relation to all drivers, staff, clients and visitors

    Our Taxis

    By Law, all of London's licensed taxis must be wheelchair accessible. Dial-a-Cab have considerable experience in transporting disabled adults, disabled children and non-emergency Hospital patients. We have for many years been the sole supplier of this service to several senior London Boroughs. Our commitment to supplying taxis for the disabled has been an integral part of our service and we will endeavour to continue giving equal priority to disabled customers as we do the able bodied.

    Included in our drivers initial training is a section devoted strictly to disability awareness, and such is our concern for our clients welfare and safety, that we encourage our drivers to take courses in first aid, which we organise with 'The St John's Ambulance'.

    Safer Travel at Night

    One Number Taxis Dial-a-Cab has been an active participant in The Mayor of London's "Safer Travel at Night" initiative from the start, joining the "One Number Taxis" consortium which allow the public to call one telephone number to order the closest taxi from a collective group of 7,000 safe and reliable licensed taxis. Dial-a-Cab also designed the One Number Taxis Web site (www.onenumbertaxis.com) to promote the consortium and ensured it is compliant with the same accessibility standards of our own Web site (see below).