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    Black Cab Heritage Tours


    Taking a Black Cab HeritageTour is the best and most informative way of seeing the historic and wonderful City of London and what better way could there possibly be than to travel in an iconic London Taxi driven by a highly trained and knowledgeable London Cabbie. See and learn about the wonderful sights such as Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and Big Ben.


    Call Sign Library


    Dial-a-Cabs in-house magazine Call-Sign has now moved to an exciting new web site. All back issues of Call Sign since Alan Fisher became editor are available. There is also a very handy search engine, to locate items of interest from the library.


    Children's Charity


    The young boy lay in his hospital bed, his body was weak and thin, his head completely devoid of hair, due to the months of constant treatment to rid his system of the cancer that was slowly eating away at his body; a body that used to be so fit and play rugby to County standard. His uncle sat beside his bedside holding his now frail hand, feeling so useless as he watched this young life slipping away...


    CSL Transportation


    CSL TRANSPORTATION (City Sedans & Limousines Transportation) of New York are a unique ground transportation provider who specializes in catering the needs of corporate personnel, government officials, financial institutions, law firms, actors, major broadcasting news organizations and local television stations.




    DART is a charity which campaigns for wheelchair accessible transport.

    Dial Car Taxis in New York


    In 1963, Dial Car began its car service in New York City aiming to be the best in the business. Their services are based upon three important factors: Promptness Dependability and Safety. They have over 450 owner driver limousines backed by computer despatch and billing systems.

    Anyone traveling not just to New York but anywhere in London, Europe or the USA should take advantage of a terrific link on this taxi site which gives both the map and written directions of any route taken by road. Simply type in the postal code of where you are setting off from, to either another post code in the UK, or the address and country if traveling to anywhere in Europe, and within seconds up pops the route.


    The London Taxi Experience


    The Official Passenger Website for the London Taxi. The London taxi trade is licensed by transport for London and the metropolitan police which ensures it is the best in the world. Complete your London experience by letting a london taxi whisk you away to a romantic dinner - or simply take the weight off your feet after a day of hectic sightseeing and shopping!


    London Tourist Board


    If you are visiting London, then look no further than this site to find everything you need to make your stay in London enjoyable and cost effective.


    One Number Taxis


    7,000 Black Cabs every day... just One Number - 0871 871 8710.

    You can now call one of 7,000 safe and reliable licensed black taxis by calling one number. No account needed - passengers can simply pay with cash or by credit or debit card.

    All six of London's radio taxi circuits have joined forces to offer this service, which uses sophistiated GPS satellite tracking technology to locate and despatch the closest available taxi.

    One Number is an important part of the Mayor Boris Johnson's safety campaign to win the war against illegal minicab touts and is another step forward for safe travel in the capital.


    Public Carriage Office: Fares and tariffs


    The new taxi fares and tariffs came into effect on Sunday 5 April 2009. The new fares and tariffs include a cost of living increase and other changes requested by the taxi trade.


    Safer Travel at Night


    Speaking at the second Safer Travel at Night (STAN) conference the Mayor revealed that the number of rapes and sexual assaults in illegal cabs has fallen from 212 in 2002 to 140 over the last year - this includes a fall in rapes from 54 to 32. This is the second annual fall in attacks since STAN was launched and follows an awareness campaign called 'Know what you are getting into' which warned of the dangers of taking illegal minicabs and provided information on safer travel options.


    Taxi Globe


    Taxi Globe is a well established, independent taxi trade newspaper. Every fortnight this free newspaper is distributed to London's world famous black cab trade within the boundaries of the M25.

    Drivers, proprietors and those involved in the running of London's taxi service find articles covering every aspect of the trade, together with competitions and product reviews.

    Sandie Goodwin, editor of Taxi Globe says, 'We believe in fair accurate reporting to keep our readers up to date with the issues relating to their working lives. Taxi Globe is a well respected publication and holds an important position in the taxi trade today. I believe this is because we report accurately on the issues affecting the trade.

    The distribution of Taxi Globe is second to none. By working closely with our distributor Taxi Globe ensures that it is reaching the right readers, which is helping our advertisers to grow their businesses and their profits.

    Taxi Globe has a target audience of over 23,000 licensed Hackney Carriage drivers in London today. These drivers carry many passengers each year and are renowned for recommending good buys, good holidays or favourite restaurants to passengers.




    TAXI"talk" Magazine maintains coverage of important issues and publishes articles surrounding the taxi and private hire trade up and down the UK, including Scotland and Wales.

    TAXI"talk" Magazine is unique, insomuch that the majority of (if not all) people who write for the magazine are either working taxi or private hire drivers, including trade journalists with a passion for the industry in which they are involved. In addition, they are focused on their subject when writing and carry out unerring research in doing so. Indeed, nothing is published by the Editor without foundation.

    Moreover, the magazine is acclaimed nationally for, not so much the controversy within, but for the outright truth it speaks through honest pages and balanced editorial comment, thus becoming the most respected publication throughout the country.


    The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers


    The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers is the 104th Livery Company of the City of London, having received Grant of Livery in February 2004. Our members are all professionals who earn their living through the Hackney Carriage trade and include some of London’s black cab drivers, renowned for their famous Knowledge of London.

    The main purpose of the Company is to bring together like-minded people who wish to maintain and secure the long-term interests of those who earn a living within the Hackney Carriage trade. The Company also endeavours to promote public awareness of the extremely high standards of the Hackney Carriage trade and industry.

    Trade and craft associations have been established all over Europe for many centuries. In the City of London these companies are known as the Livery and all are unique in their survival, number and diversity. 'Guild' derives from the Saxon word for payment, since membership of these fraternities was, and still is, paid for. The word 'livery' refers to uniform clothing as means of identification, hence the term of freemen being "clothed in livery" when they become liverymen of their Company.